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You are not alone. Hope in a better way is available. I continue to see hope move into new life and that life can be yours. 
I understand what it can be like: Years ago, counseling was a topic I avoided at all cost. The words "counseling" and "therapy" conjured up images that seemed too much of a burden for me to bear. So, instead I chose to continue carrying my burdens. That was until I experienced the compassionate, competent, professional counseling that led to an increase in peace, depth of character, and personal resolve, all of which began to ease the burdens I was feeling.
Do you wonder if anyone can help you reach your teenager? 
Are you and your significant other having difficulties in your relationship? Have the circumstances of life taken a toll? 
Are you feeling misunderstood, unknown, stuck, hopeless, weighed down?
I am here to help.
You will find my approach is laid back, paced at your speed, and filled with compassion and intentionality. I work within a systemic model, meaning we will look at the bio-psycho-social-spiritual areas of life, to gain perspective and find direction towards resolution. I am often told of the surprise people experience when they learn how everything is interrelated. 
Your yesterday does not determine your tomorrow.

DAVID CREEK | Speaker/Therapist

DAVID CREEK | About the Therapist

David received his Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary in 2013 and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. David has worked with adolescents, parents, individuals, couples and families as a youth pastor for the past 18 years and now as an outpatient therapist. David provides a holistic approach to life and counseling based on the idea that there are many aspects of life that impact the present but do not determine tomorrow.  Tomorrow can be different!  David's specialties include working with individuals, adolescents to adults, engaged and married couples, as well as families seeking help with issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, marriage struggles, transition, and those seeking spiritual growth. 

Licensure, Certifications, Affiliations

IL Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #166.001308

MN Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #3239

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy 

• MN Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

• Prepare-Enrich Certified

• Temperament Therapy Certified

• Trauma Focused CBT – Trained

Special Areas of Interest:

• Adoption/Infertility

• Cultural Issues

• Anxiety/Depression

• Behavioral Issues

• Parenting

• Communication

• Relationship Dynamics

• Individuals

• Couples

• Family

• Adolescents

• Grief/Loss

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